Re: White winged Scoters (2), Lesser black backed Gull-Beals Pt

Zeke VanZante


The two messages above were sent with haste in the hope someone would be able to see these birds before dark. To clarify Eddie Tache found two White-winged Scoters hanging around Folsom Pt. and when the wind picked up they moved further north into the lake. Once the wind died down they were back by Folsom Pt. Additionally I found a Lesser Black-backed Gull in the massive gull flock at Beals Point. It’s was almost an adult but still was showing 3rd cycle characteristics such as black on the bill.
Also the Red-breasted Merganser was still present crossing back and forth into both counties. Additionally there now appears to be 3 Pacific Loons.

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Except for the Lesser Black-backed Gull everything was seen in both counties.

If someone could forward this to Countybirders that would be helpful.

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On Jan 2, 2021, at 4:23 PM, Zeke VanZante via <zekevan03@...> wrote:

Scoters are currently in Sacramento County office Folsom point. Base of boat ramp.

Zeke VanZante

On Jan 2, 2021, at 4:16 PM, Zeke VanZante via <zekevan03@...> wrote:

Here now, also pacific loon, white winged scoter, red breasted merganser.

Zeke VanZante

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