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Bruce Webb

I agree with Konshau that there are lots of cranes and Aleutian Geese just past the grain dryers. But Staten Island Road is a long road with plenty of close encounters with Sandhills Cranes on both west and east sides of the road. Depending if you want dramatic backlit photos or well-lit images, you can aim either side of the road.   

I suggest you arrive early and drive to find your best location.  After about 1 mile (near the house), the paved road gives way to gravel/dirt which can be a problem with cameras when a truck passes and dust flies.  

Bruce Webb
Granite Bay, CA

On Wed, Dec 16, 2020 at 12:59 PM Konshau Duman <konshaud@...> wrote:
The best publicly viewable roost is going to be in the first flooded corn fields on your left as you are driving south. Right past the big grain bin structure. Those roosts are east of the road so people have mostly been going to them at sunrise. There are other fields with less visible roosting cranes farther south along the road that you can try as well. Just don't go past the no trespassing sign by the shop and water tower. 

You can park by turning off wherever the shoulder is wide enough since there is no parking area. This is easier at the farther south fields where it is a wide dirt road. 

Good luck!

Konshau Duman
Galt, CA

On Wed, Dec 16, 2020 at 11:34 AM Ron Melcer <corvid88@...> wrote:
Hello Birders,

Looking for any advice on where to park on Staten Island this week for Sandhill Crane viewing at sunset.

Does anyone have any intel on how far down the island the birds are roosting this year?


Ron Melcer
Sacramento, CA

Bruce Webb
Granite Bay, California

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