Black-headed Gull, Franklin's Gull, and Mew Gull, Stockton WTP


Shortly after my arrival at the gated end of John Turk Rd., Stockton WTP,
the Black-headed was located on the road surface about 100ft. east of the
gate. As it comingled with the numerous (1000+) Bonaparte's Gulls, you could 
clearly see that the Black-headed was about 1/3rd again larger.
It was interesting how it repeatedly returned to the road, or its edge, after  
flushing with many of the other birds. This was right around 11am.

The Franklin's Gull, and a Mew Gull were also seen on one of the nearby wooden
structures, also on the east side of the fence. 

Out on the pond, and at a considerable distance, several Redheads were picked out
among the hundreds of Canvasbacks.

The morning turned into good birding, along with good company.

Stay well, stay safe, and good birding.
Tracy Farrington
Walnut Creek

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