decent shorebirds at CRP; Pacific golden-plover today

Glennah Trochet

Dear Birders,

The last four days have seen a good variety of shorebirds make use of what little water is out at the Cosumnes River Preserve.  There are four areas now suitable for these birds.  The best, and the only one publicly viewable, is the pond just east of the railroad tracks north of Desmond Road.  This pond has been getting additional water the last three days, so what had been the best spot in the far northeast is now flooded, pushing birds nearer the road.  Note that three different peregrine falcons have been hunting the area along Desmond, as have kites and harriers, so the birds get stirred up fairly frequently.

Last Thursday I picked up these birds:
black-necked stilt-  4
American avocet-  2
black-bellied plover-  3
killdeer-  45
semipalmated plover-  7
least sandpiper-  85
western sandpiper-  4
peep sp.-  35
long-billed dowitcher-  22
lesser yellowlegs-  1
greater yellowlegs-  54
Wilson's phalarope-  3  
red-necked phalarope-  1

On Friday, these were the findings:
black-necked stilt-  2
American avocet-  15
killdeer-  50
semipalmated plover-  12
least sandpiper-  95
western sandpiper-  18
peep sp.-  12
long-billed dowitcher-  41
lesser yellowlegs-  6
willet-  1
greater yellowlegs-  95
Wilson's phalarope-  18
red-necked phalarope-  1

And yesterday:
black-necked stilt-  5
killdeer-  35
semipalmated plover-  2
least sandpiper-  35
western sandpiper-  5
long-billed dowitcher-  2
Wilson's snipe-  1 (FOS)
lesser yellowlegs-  4
willet-  1 (presumably the same juvenile)
greater yellowlegs-  45
Wilson's phalarope-  4

The golden-plover redeemed a poorer day today:
black-necked stilt-  5
American avocet-  3
Pacific golden-plover-  1
killdeer-  40
least sandpiper-  55
peep sp.-  15
lesser yellowlegs-  2
greater yellowlegs-  45
red-necked phalarope-  1

The golden-plover flushed and flew out of sight to the south about 9:15 this morning.  If you wish to check out the shorebirds along Desmond Road, I suggest that you do so early because by 10:00 the heat shimmer is pretty bad.

For the first time in 10 days I had a few migrants in the trees this morning:
orange-crowned warbler-  2
yellow warbler-  1
western tanager-  2

Be well and stay safe.

John Trochet

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