July Tundra Swan in the Afterbay Oroville

Dawn Garcia

I was kayaking yesterday in the Saddledam cove, Afterbay, Oroville checking on aechmophorus grebe nesting and saw a big white bird across the cove; it was a swan. I thought maybe a mute swan (I have been working in Concord and there are a LOT of mute swans) but no, it was a tundra. Dark bill (no light spots noticeable but I could not get that close, 10x42 bins), sloping profile. Given the time of year I figured it was an injured hold over from winter and watched it paddle all the way across the cove away from me. Later as I circled back around the tules and shore I flushed the bird and it flew low but strongly, across the bay back to the opposite cove- flighted!
Any thoughts on the presence of a tundra in July?
Dawn Garcia

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