Re: American Redstart @ Mokelumne Fish Hatchery, SJ Co.

linda gal

Liz West, and I joined up with Kurt Mize down from Mokulmne fish hatchery and Kurt spotted the American Redstart across the river from where (we believe) David originally saw the bird.  Enclosed are some seriously cropped pics.  Thanks Kurt for the spot! :) 

Linda Gal 
Sacramento, CA 
DSC_5851ec AMERICAN REDSTART profile.jpg
DSC_5963ec AMERICAN REDSTART flying.jpg

On Fri, Jan 17, 2020 at 11:09 AM Frances Oliver <hummer52@...> wrote:
Posting for David Yee:

It’s 1030 AM, and I just found a female type American Redstart at Mokelumne Fish Hatchery at the main fishing spot and it's just a foraging along the edge of the little pond area where it’s kind of calm. It’s in the same area where the 3 male Barrow’s Goldeneyes are. The redstart is feeding very actively and not moving from the area.

Good birding!
Frances for David Yee
Lodi, CA

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