Stale Report - Possible Winter Wren at Bannon Creek Park in Sacramento

Dan Williams

It's come to my attention that a bird I found in Natomas on the SAC CBC on 12/21 and identified as a Pacific Wren, may in fact have been a WINTER WREN. Folks with more experience in separating these two fairly recently split species are looking at the pics and listening to the recordings to try to confirm.

It was singing in a blackberry bramble along Bannon Creek. We observed it and filmed it from the footbridge near the large picnic shelter near the intersection of Azevedo and Bannon Creek Drive.

I went by last week to see if I could re-find it and didn't turn it up, but it may be wintering at this spot so could be worth trying for if you're in the area. I apologize for not getting the word out earlier, but was unaware of the possibility that this was a rarity.

Dan Williams

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