Sacramento Breeding Bird Atlas, adopt an Orphan Block

ed pandolfino

As many of you know, we are running a Breeding Bird Atlas (BBA) in Sacramento County using eBird data from anyone birding the county. All you have to do to participate is use breeding codes (when appropriate) as part of your eBirding.

We are hoping to close out the Atlas this year and have identified a few Blocks that are close to being complete. We really need some folks to "adopt" one or more of these blocks and spend some time looking for breeding behavior in those blocks.

You can go to the Central Valley Bird Club web site to learn about the BBA ( If you click on the "Orphan Blocks" link you can see and download file(s) with maps of these blocks, info about where to bird within them, and some species that should be able be confirmed in that block.

Be sure to take a look at the info about how to use breeding codes ( In addition, Lily Douglas has but together a page where you can zoom in on any blocks, view in 'Street' or 'Aerial' views, AND (by scrolling to the bottom) see exactly which species have been confirmed in each block.

And, its NOT too early to start since several species (including some raptors, Anna's Hummingbirds, Yellow-billed Magpies, etc) are already exhibiting breeding behaviors.

Ed Pandolfino
Chris Conard

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