Solano Co. Ruff 12/16, Chadbourne Rd,

Denise and David Hamilton

Hi all,
Yesterday during the Benicia CBC, Mark Dettling of Point Blue, who was out as a part of my team for the Cordelia sector, found a RUFF, a first for the count! Thanks, Mark!! It is a stunning bird!  Mark’s Ebird report:
The bird was found off of Chadbourne Rd in a wet area, viewed best from Jacksnipe Rd. (WHICH IS PRIVATE) It was first seen on the right side of the road, where the weeds are quite high, but when we returned to look for it, it was seen on the left side with a flock of Greater Yellowlegs and was easily seen.  (will post our pictures to Ebird later.)  I contacted the manager of Fathen Hunt Club this morning, and he gave permission for folks to come look for the bird (HOPEFULLY, not too many!) 
If you want to look for this bird, it is possible that it could be seen from Chadbourne Rd.  If you go on to Jacksnipe – a few things: 
If today go BEFORE 12:30 and NOT LATER!  There is a group of some of the more “top” hunters coming in and  it would be best for people NOT to be on the road! 
Again, you could check from Chadbourne!  Tomorrow, he said would be MUCH better.  If you do go out onto Jacksnipe, even though it is well graveled, he said the edge is REALLY SOFT and you probably will get stuck!
PLEASE abide by these wishes!  We’ve had a relationship with this hunt club for well over 20 years for this CBC, so it should not be ruined by someone disregarding the rules.
Denise Hamilton

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