Strange goose in Fair Oaks, Sacramento Co.

Gil Ewing

Hi all

Today at Phoenix Park in Fair Oaks, among the scores of Canada Geese (and the usual 1-2 Canada X domestic white goose hybrids), grazing on the ball fields was a very interesting, very small, very dark goose that I have not been able to identify.
Some people looking at the photos think it is a Cackling X Emperor Goose, while one thinks it is a Cackling X Lesser (or Greater) white-fronted Goose.  
Note the white feathers on the upper neck and near the bill, the yellow-gray legs, and the paler upper mandible.  Structually, the bird does not look like it has Brant heritage.
Take a peek at the photos, which I have posted to Flickr, and feel free to offer an opinion on this individual..

Gil Ewing
Fair Oaks, Sacramento Co., CA

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