Black Phoebe withl yellowish bill, Lake Solano Park Campground

Denise and David Hamilton

Hi all,

Yesterday while birding around Solano Co. David took a picture of a Black Phoebe that was working on a nest at the Lake Solano Campground.  Later when I looked at the picture I was surprised to see it had a yellowish bill!  It looks a bit bizarre, almost like someone painted it!

Here is a link to the eBird report with pictures.  I'd appreciate hearing any thoughts about it.

We also went up Gates and Mix Canyons.  Lots of wildflowers and migrants returning.

At 3426 Gates Canyon, an oak tree full of tassels had 6 species of warblers - several BLACK-THROATED GRAY, 1 NASHVILLE, 1 WILSON'S, YELLOW-RUMPS, 1 TOWNSEND'S, & ORANGE-CROWNED.

A highlight (or shocking surprise!) in the middle of Mix Canyon Rd. were 2 male BULLOCK'S ORIOLES fighting, with one continually jabbing the other.  A few pictures can be found at: 

Denise & David Hamilton

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