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Denise and David Hamilton

Hello Hugh,
I am really late responding to your post, but I wanted to say how great it was for you to be out with Jean Richmond!  When we first moved to the Bay Area in the mid 80’s we used Jean’s book religiously to get to know the birding hotspots (in fact we still have our copy!)  We were with Ohlone Audubon at the time, so met her several times and did some birding with her son, Bob. 
It sounds like you had a great time out there!  My husband’s day off is Monday which had been RAINY/WINDY for the past weeks, so we’ve been stuck home.  Looking forward to a DRY day tomorrow. 
Happy birding!
Denise Hamilton

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My wife and I took world famous author Jean Richmond to Woodbridge Road late today and had great birds and an even more wonderful sunset.  Jean, the author of Birding Northern California from the mid-80s, is 92 years old and does not make it much farther from home than CVS, Safeway and church.
The Sandhill Cranes, Tundra Swans, Snow Geese and Greater White-fronted Geese were wonderful to see and hear.  A few other birds along the road were nice pluses, like the Kingfishers and AM Kestrels.  We even heard some dueting Great Horned Owls before it was totally dark.  And the colors in the sky reminded me of the sunset photos which used to be in the magazine Arizona Highways.  Mt Diablo stood up like it was just right over there, and looking to the east in the fading light we could see snow on the Sierra crest.
Joe Bob says, "Check it out."
Hugh B. Harvey
Walnut Creek

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