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Denise and David Hamilton

I attached a picture to my post, but since it did not come through, a picture can be seen in my Ebird report, though it may not show up for a while since it was a "RARE" bird.

Denise Hamilton

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Hi all,

While out on the Benicia CBC yesterday, David and I found a Green-tailed Towhee in our sector in Cordelia. Directions: The bird was found along Cordelia Slough on Wetland Ln. off of Cordelia Rd/ Lincoln Hwy., between Pittman Rd. and Bridgeport Ave. Wetland Ln. basically looks like the long drive-way back to Wetland Construction. The road is not marked “private” but if you go out there, please park off to the side of the road BEFORE crossing the train tracks just in case the construction company is using the road and then walk in. The towhee was mixed in with the sparrow flock of White & Golden Crowns, Savannah, and plenty of Lincoln’s Sparrows along the slough from the train tracks to where the slough forks. Quite a birdy spot! I contacted Wetlands Construction and was told that it is a county road so going out there is not a problem.

Happy Holidays and Happy birding!
Denise and David Hamilton

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