Least Flycatcher, Cache Creek, Yolo Co. Oct 21

Brent Campos

There was a Least Flycatcher this morning along Cache Creek. The bird called just a couple times and I got some photos that I will upload to the eBird checklist (link below) later today. It was a small empid with a bold white eye ring, small bill, short primary projection. White breast blending to grayish toward the wings. White throat. Dull grayish and brownish above. 'Whit' call heard twice before views obtained. Upper mandible was all dark with a mixed orange and dark lower mandible.

Directions to the bird: From the Wild Wings County Park access location for Cache Creek, cross the bridge over the canal and head west on the gravel road that parallels the canal. Bear right at a major fork in the road to stay next to the riparian corridor and away from the canal. Not long thereafter you will find a mown path that leads northeast toward bird's location from the gravel road. Take the path under a large downed tree limb and to the creek channel to these coordinates: 38.683508,-121.890279. The bird was on the north terrace of the creek, near the edge of the channel, foraging in the bare lower branches of elderberry bushes. 

eBird checklist: https://ebird.org/view/checklist/S49344824

Brent Campos


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