Continuing Babel Slough birds (Yolo Co.)

Jim Rowoth

I arrived at “catbird corner” (intersection of River Rd and Babel Slough Rd) this morning around 8:15; other birders were already present. We heard the continuing YB Chat (giving sharp “zap!” call); others reported visual on a possible 2nd one near the woodpile at nearly the same time. Frank Fogarty pointed out the very soft self-serenading song of the Gray Catbird deep within the vegetation just left of the large 4-trunked walnut tree in the NW corner of the intersection. We spent quite a bit of time there peering in, hoping for a glimpse but without success. Several other birders arrived after Frank left around 10. Kathy Blankenship got a couple of brief visuals and got the rest of us on the (silent) bird as it moved stealthily in the shadows of the walnut/grape/sycamore trees. It came out briefly just above the little ditch with water (mostly obscured by grasses) and a minute or two later in the grapevines for the rest of us. I don’t think anyone had a 100% unobstructed view.

There were a couple of Willow Flycatchers, Hooded Orioles, W Tanagers, BH Grosbeaks, Wilson’s Warblers, but no sign of the GT Towhee.

Jim Rowoth

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