Yolo Bypass Monday, Aug 27

Denise and David Hamilton

Hi all,
Just wanted to report a spot that some of you may want to check out if you go to the Yolo Bypass.  Yesterday after driving around, we wanted to eat lunch and actually found a spot of SHADE!  It was next to the willow that is at the Y intersection - coming down the entrance road, where the pump is on the right along the trees and shrubs.  It is the tree right next to the road – they have 2 hanging mosquito traps in it right now, and is next to the road with the red plastic poles to keep traffic out.
While eating lunch, shortly after 1:00 pm, we saw a bird fly into the low branches – a YELLOW-BREASTED CHAT!  While trying to watch it through all the tangles, we saw it eventually go down by the left-hand side of the trunk, where the ground has sitting water.  There it took a bath – along with a WILLOW FLYCATCHER, WILSON’S & ORANGE-CROWNED WARBLER, AMERICAN GOLDFINCHES, and a wren.  Then a VIRGINIA RAIL walks in and spends time probing in the mud.  Boy, were we surprised! Not sure what else we might have seen if we had realized it sooner.
Happy birding!
Denise & David Hamilton

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