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Alvaro Jaramillo

Hi Dawn

Hooded Orioles take nectar, but they rear their chicks on insect prey. In fact they take a lot more insects than they do nectar, but nectaring is much more obvious to us as birders than their insectivore diet. The Killdeer observation is odd, Killdeer young are precocial and adults do not feed the young. So perhaps something else was going on here?


Alvaro Jaramillo


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I think Barbara's post is pretty amazing. I wouldn't have thought of an often-nectar feeder like an oriole as being a cowbird host. My cowbird rearing sightings follow. Most recently in Yellowstone I saw two killdeer, presumably a pair feeding a begging cowbird (BHCO), they were on a thermal feature. In the Devils Canyon (SD) I had a male western tanager feeding a begging BHCO. In years past I have seen a chipping sparrow (Lake Davis) and Wilson's warbler (Bainbridge Island, WA) as cowbird "parents". It is always surprising and rarely forgettable!



Dawn Garcia

Oroville, CA

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