Lone Star Rd. Stilt Sandpiper, Colusa N. Waterthrush, Sandhill Cranes

Denise and David Hamilton

Hi all,

We went on our yearly quest to Sacramento NWR.  Along the way we stopped at Lone Star Rd at Hwy 20 to look for the Stilt Sandpiper. Not sure how we were able to find it when every time a large semi went by (which was often!) it spooked up all the birds.  Just about gave up when we stopped right at the corner and there was the STILT SANDPIPER mixed in with the Dowitchers.  We then walked the Colusa NWR walking trail where we 'heard' the NORTHERN WATERTHRUSH (2 other birders did see it.)

At Sacramento NWR there was one, possibly 2 PRAIRIE FALCONS and quite a few BALD EAGLES. At Llano Saco Unit, a kindly birder stopped to tell us he had just seen a flock of SANDHILL CRANES (which we had not seen yet) over on Grainland Rd. (Off of Seven Mile Ln.)  One damp field had 100's of DUNLIN (1,000+?) along with a few KILLDEER. We found the SANDHILL CRANES at the field at the corner of Grainland and Aguas Frias a nice size flock of at least 150!

TUNDRA SWANS were seen in small numbers on Rd. 61 and Z.

Always a great way to spend a winter day!

Denise & David Hamilton

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