Cosumnes River Preserve--River Walk survey

Jim Rowoth

Our first river walk survey got off to a great start for the year, although the sun never broke through the fog.  Ten others joined me for the first leg of the trip. The ponds west of Franklin held far fewer ducks than normal for this time of the year, but we did find a male Blue-winged Teal with a pair of Cinnamon Teal immediately across from the VC parking lot.  Happily, the number of ducks grew as we headed north.  

After looping around to the iron bridge east of the VC, 6 visitors left, and the rest of carried on.  Bob G found a Sora out in the open in the SW corner of the final pond before the dead-end leg of the trail.  As we admired it, we realized it was not alone; we had 3 Soras foraging like barnyard chickens out the open--quite a treat.  

We continued on down to the river, and out to The Point.  After we left the publicly accessible area, we noticed a large number of waterfowl in the air.  John T looked up and found the reason, an adult Bald Eagle—very nice.  Not long after this as we approached the old TNC barn, John called out Eurasian Green-winged Teal.  Fortunately, Susan S had brought her scope along, so we all got long, satisfying views of this rare duck.  As we headed north, the bird took off and landed in the cattails to the east.  

For the complete eBird list, which includes Bob G’s photos, click on this link

Jim Rowoth

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