Cautionary tale

Jim Rowoth

I received a call yesterday from local friends birding in the northern Central Valley, whose car was seriously vandalized while out birding. The way I understand it, when they drove up, there was a suspicious looking character & car in the parking lot, but they judged him to be harmless and locked the car and went on their way. In less than 15 minutes, they heard the car alarm and returned to the damaged, undrivable car. There was no theft, simply vandalism. After notifying the authorities, they called me for a ride home to the Stockton area. I’m keeping this generalized and anonymous because this could easily apply to all of us and many of the places we go birding.

I was happy to be of assistance, but the bottom line here is if you someone that makes you uneasy when you are out birding, especially at a remote location, listen to your gut. Find another place to go birding!

Jim Rowoth

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