Stanislaus Diipper--additional tips (fail)

Jim Rowoth

I wish I had seen Dan G's post before setting off this afternoon for Knight's Ferry.  I too missed the bird after considerable effort, but here are some things anyone unfamiliar with the area  (like me) should know.  

Don't delude yourself into thinking this is a simple walk in the park.  It is not.  It is a little over a mile hike uphill IF you know where you are going.  I had no idea just where this Last Rapids Overlook sign was, so ended  up taking several futile side trails.  
So, pay you $5 parking fee (cc only), and bring water. From the N end of the birdge, stay on rough fire road on the north shore of river till you reach a wire fence—this is about a quarter mile beyond the previously mentioned outhouses, well past the benches.  Don't waste your time on any side trails till you reach the fence and a green gate.  From the fence, there are a number of goat trails that lead off to the SE toward the river.  To get to the most direct (but steep) trail down to the much ballyhooed Last Rapids Overlook sign, hug the fence beyond the oaks for less than 10 minutes to where the fence angles off due E.  You'll see some  wooden steps here, and a rough, steep, bare dirt trail that leads SE down to the Last Rapids Overlook sign and the river.  NOTE: this sign is an old, brown, weathered wooden sign, and is barely legible.  And there is no rail here, so don't get too close to the edge!

Not wishing to discourage anyone, but I just wanted to share what I learned about this site.

Good luck!

Jim Rowoth

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