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You were seeing an annual phenomenon...the dispersal of baby spiders.  When a batch of spiders hatches, they have to disperse to find food and avoid being food for each other.  A long streamer of web silk catches the breezes and lifts and carries them to new locations.  The amount of flying web will soon dramatically diminish as the spiders land and establish a food source (or become one).
If you're out early, the landscape covered with drapings of web will also be decorated with dew.  On Friday morning early, Joan Humphrey, Laura Davis and I saw a "dewbow" on a patch of webs along the auto loop at Yolo Bypass WA.

Mary Schiedt

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Re: Report from yesterday -
Forgot to add that from afar we counted over 60 BLACK-CROWNED NIGHT HERONS (adults and juv) perched in trees along side the main berm from where you drive on and over to get down (and also where it appears that people are just out to walk.)  We were seeing them from the tour route south of parking lot B, so were quite far, but easy enough to see and count.  Is this a usual happening?
Non-bird interest:  The sky and plants (and our car- which it looks like someone took a can of crazy string to it!) was full of spiders traveling on long webs.  Saw a couple of spiders on the windshield, and to be honest, was quite surprised to see how small they were considering how large the webs were.
Denise Hamilton
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Hi all,
Highlights at Yolo Bypass today, 11/27- a single REDHEAD and a male BLUE-WINGED TEAL on the far side of the large pond (seeing from the auto route) south of Parking Lot B.  There was also a single LESSER YELLOWLEGS.  A lot of GREATER WHITE-FRONTED GEESE flying overhead along with several flocks of SANDHILL CRANES.  Searched for the SWAMP SPARROW a while but did not see it.
At Lake Solano, there was a lone male BARROW'S GOLDENEYE with several COMMON.  Seen over by the dam.  MANY Buffleheads, several pairs of WOOD DUCKS & HOODED MERGANSERS were also in the creek.  PHAINOPEPLA guarding mistletoe in the park.  Lovely day!
Denise & David Hamilton

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