Yolo Bypass & Lake Solano 11/27

Denise and David Hamilton

Hi all,

Highlights at Yolo Bypass today, 11/27- a single REDHEAD and a male BLUE-WINGED TEAL on the far side of the large pond (seeing from the auto route) south of Parking Lot B.  There was also a single LESSER YELLOWLEGS.  A lot of GREATER WHITE-FRONTED GEESE flying overhead along with several flocks of SANDHILL CRANES.  Searched for the SWAMP SPARROW a while but did not see it.

At Lake Solano, there was a lone male BARROW'S GOLDENEYE with several COMMON.  Seen over by the dam.  MANY Buffleheads, several pairs of WOOD DUCKS & HOODED MERGANSERS were also in the creek.  PHAINOPEPLA guarding mistletoe in the park.  Lovely day!

Denise & David Hamilton

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