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Denise and David Hamilton

Hi again,

Forgot to mention Mix Canyon Rd is off of Pleasants Valley Rd, Vacaville area.


Denise Hamilton

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Hi all,
Sorry for the late post.
Finally having a rain-free Monday, headed out to Mix Canyon Road.  Within the first .7 mi of road, we picked up WESTERN KINGBIRD, 2 BULLOCK’S ORIOLES, HOODED ORIOLES, WILSON’S & ORANGE-CROWNED (and one beautiful YELLOW-RUMPED) WARBLERS, & BLACK-HEADED GROSBEAKS.  As we continued up the road we could hear other OC Warblers and more BH Grosbeaks – though really hard to hear much with the amazing amount of water rushing down the creek.  Up on Blue Ridge Road, WRENTITS were singing everywhere, and we saw at least 8 BLUE-GRAY GNATCATCHERS.  (One had a beak full of nesting material.)  At mm 7 to 7.2 had at least 2 CALIFORNIA THRASHERS (and heard one or 2 others while driving.)  Looked and listened for Bell’s Sparrow, but did not find any.
Lunch at Lake Solano, where all the wintering ducks have cleared out.  Did see a pair of WOOD DUCKS, and 2 PHAINOPEPLA.  We’ll have to admit that the best birds at the park were the established peafowl – the males were doing their elaborate dancing and when filming one, happened to get it shaking its tail feathers producing a low frequency sound- almost like a rattlesnake!  Can check here to read about it, if interested:   It was really impressive.
Backyard in Napa:  remaining GOLDEN-CROWNED SPARROWS & fewer WHITE-CROWNS, several RUFOUS HUMMINGBIRDS have been hanging out at our feeders this past stormy days.  HOODED ORIOLES also coming to feeders.
Happy birding,
Denise & David Hamilton

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