Yolo County gulls

Steve Hampton

Just a note on where all the gulls are.  This winter often the landfill pond and Davis WTP levees are nearly empty of gulls.  The active face at the landfill is currently in the nw corner of the landfill, so the gulls often sit on a Conoway Ranch field n of the landfill and e of Rd 104.  While they are 200 yards off and a bit skiddish in this context, they can be scoped.  Today there were dozens of Thayer's Gulls evident among many Herrings.  Unfortunately, the county has made a mess of this dirt road during construction and I suspect it will be a 4WD road with more rain.  It's a mess.  So the gulls are far off and difficult to access. 

The landfill has acquired the old Hawk & Owl Refuge fields to the west of Rd 104 and has begun mining the soil for cover.  This will be a 50-year project.  They've dug a hole/pond adjacent to Rd 104 part way down it.  As this fills with rain, the gulls may use it as a bath and that will provide terrific viewing from Rd 104 in all but late-afternoon light.  At the moment, there's only Canada Geese there.  

good birding, 

Steve Hampton

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