Pacific Golden Plover, Chadbourne Rd, Solano Co.

Denise and David Hamilton

Hi All,
We went to check out the Cordelia Sector, today, Dec. 7, for the Benicia CBC on Dec. 14.  Last year we reported about flooded fields right along Chadbourne Rd., ad they are good again right now.    Drive down the road until it turns to gravel (at the Suisun Marsh Hunting Preserve), after a few curves you come upon the Suisun Wildlife Preserve. 
LOTS of shorebirds- BLACK-NECKED STILTS, A. AVOCETS, DUNLIN, LEAST SANDPIPERS, GREATER and a few LESSER YELLOWLEGS, KILLDEER, BLACK-BELLIED PLOVERS, and at least 1 PACIFIC GOLDEN PLOVER. ID’d from its smaller size, overall golden appearance, dark cap, and prominent ear-spot.  Not sure how long the mud flats will last (not sure if more water is being put in or if the upcoming rain will add more.  I recall last year that folks were going out there and I think the area just dried up eventually.)  Viewing is good right at the corner where the first sign is posted, and then all along until Jack Snipe Rd.  We actually saw the Golden Plover from down Chadbourne a bit more past Jack Snipe- just past a small patch of eucalyptus trees we could see the end of the flooded area.
I believe we also saw the plover with a large flock of BB Plovers over on the sod in the sod farm (with lots of gulls), but they were pulling up sod, so birds kept moving around.
Also some ducks around- mainly N. PINTAILS.  Lots of CANADA GEESE  with a few GREATER WHITE-FRONTED.  TUNDRA SWANS were flying over.  Many A.PIPITS & SAVANNAH & WHITE-CROWNED SPARROWS.  MERLIN, RED-TAILS, HARRIERS, KESTRELS, and more.  Also a LOGGERHEAD SHRIKE that I was trying very hard to make into a Northern (an adult bird that we heard sing like a thrasher, watched it chased a meadowlark and a blackbird and had quite the hook on its beak.)
Had a  PRAIRIE FALCON down on  O’Rehr Rd.
Good birding,
Denise & David Hamilton

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