Red-eyed Vireo, Cache Cr, Jun 8

Brent Campos

Highlights from an hour of birding this morning on Cache Creek downstream of Wild Wings County Park inlcuded a Red-eyed Vireo, one Willow Flycatcher, and one Bank Swallow.

I heard the Red-eyed Vireo singing for 10 min before I was able to locate it in its concealed location in the top of a cottonwood. It sang for most of the c. 20 min I observed it, but was otherwise almost motionless except for some preening. The bird was on the south side of the creek along the trail that parallels the birdge over the creek on the west border of the Cache Creek Nature Preserve boundary. This location is accessible from Wild Wings County Park, or the Nature Preserve if you are willing to cross the creek (very low flow).

On Saturday morning, in this same general vicinity, highlights included two Willow Flycatchers, Lesser Nighthawks, two Bank Swallows, and one Blue Grosbeak. I accidentally flushed a Lesser Nighthawk from her 'nest' (bare gravel), with one recenlty hatched chick. The Blue Grosbeak represents only my second detection for this reach of the creek -- they are much more abundant in the Cache Creek Settling Basin.

No sign of the Least Bittern. I last detected it on May 20.

Brent Campos

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