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Denise and David Hamilton

OK, I’m also not in the CV, but over the past days in our yard in Napa, have had at least 5 male Rufous and 10+ female types (hard to keep track of them there were so many!) Started arriving Monday before the storm, were here Tuesday in the storm, and Wed. even though weather was improved still had mobs of them (along with more Anna’s than I usually see).  This morning there are still several males, but numbers have definitely thinned out. 
Denise Hamilton

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The invasion extends to the coast. I had a male here in Half Moon Bay today (Rufous), and that is my first male in spring that I can recall on the coast. I think it is drought related. The flowers they usually go for must be in short supply, so they are moving to areas where they are usually not found at this time of year, perhaps lower areas nearer to water/coast that may be more humid? That is my guess.




Alvaro Jaramillo



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I might as well join in.  Maybe someone can figure out what's going on.  On April 1st I had my FOS Rufous, by the 3rd there were 6, and from the 4th through today there have been 8 (I think - hard to count when all of them plus 7 Anna's are trying to use the feeders at once).  These are large numbers for our place 7 mi W of Red Bluff, as well.


Bruce Deuel

Red Bluff


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We, too, had a Rufous Invasion today! We photographed at least four adult males and two females at our feeders at the same time. That's a lot of Rufous for our area!


No Black-chinned or Calliope (wishful thinking) yet.


Shannon and Dan Skalos

Pleasant Grove, CA

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As they day wore on today, more and more Rufous Hummingbirds, mostly male but also a few females started arriving in my garden to the point that they now far outnumber the Anna’s. Tonight, during the usual feeding frenzy before the hummers turn in for the night, I had 7-10 male Rufous plus two females plus several Anna’s on the two feeders outside my living room window or buzzing nearby, a few more at the feeder on the south side of the house and probably some more at the banding feeder not visible from the house. I have never seen these numbers before. In addition, late in the afternoon the first Black-chinned Hummingbirds of the season finally made their appearance, two males. Keeping my eyes open for Calliope hummers reported by others.

In my last post I forgot to mention that the Steller’s Jay that has been in residence near my house for most of the winter is still here. I saw it twice this past week.


Manfred Kusch

South bank of Putah Creek

3 miles W of Davis





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