Yolo Bypass & Lake Solano Highlights 2/2

Denise and David Hamilton

Hi all,
We had brief looks at the Yolo Bypass SWAMP SPARROW this morning in the spot previously reported.  It was right down on the ground creeping among the weeds so not a great look.    Other highlights- a beautiful male WOOD DUCK across the road from the swamp sparrow spot- right at the beginning of the one-way road.  Sitting out on a berm.  Five TUNDRA SWANS flew overhead.
At Lake Solano Park, we saw the continuing LEWIS’S WOODPECKERS, one male PHAINOPEPLA,  & a WHITE-THROATED SPARROW right next to the bathroom in the park parking lot.  We ran into some birders who looked for the RED-NAPED SAPSUCKER but had no luck. Numerous STELLER’S JAYS & some VARIED THRUSH, among plenty of other species rounded out the park list.   Many beautiful COMMON GOLDENEYES, HOODED & COMMON MERGANSERS.  The only BARROW’S GOLDENEYE we saw was on Putah Creek not far from the Hwy 128 bridge. (We did not see a DIPPER.) 
Enjoying the birds,
Denise & David Hamilton

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