Requesting thoughts about White-tailed Kites & Golden Eagles- seeing less of them

Denise and David Hamilton

Hi all,
I am wondering if any of you have any thoughts, statistics, or opinions as to why when I’m out birding, I now see so few White-tailed Kites and Golden Eagles.  Not that the eagles were ever abundant, but in the past years I’ve always seen them a time or 2 circling over my home in Napa, or seeing them out birding.  Last year at home- none, out birding, rarely.  We see a lot more Bald Eagles these days than Goldens.  The same with White-tailed Kites.  We could almost always depend on a day outing and seeing the kites.  Last year and possibly sooner, more often than not, we don’t see any or maybe 1 or a pair. 
We do most of our ‘local’ birding in Napa, Marin, Sonoma, Solano, and Yolo counties; and other times going out into other counties.  Is this a trend that others have noticed?  Not sure what else to say, other than it makes me sad to see not to see these birds.
I’d appreciate any comments.
Thank you,
Denise & David Hamilton

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