Solano Co. Gates Canyon Townsend's Solitaire, Robinson-Flannery Rds, & Chadbourne Rd - Suisun Wildlife preserve

Denise and David Hamilton

Hi all,

We went to look for the Townsend's Solitaire reported by Cory Gregory yesterday.  We saw it again around MM 3.3 and then lower ~ 3.2 miles along with Eric Pilote & Roger Muscat.  Saw quite a few Ban-tailed Pigeons, but not nearloy as many as previously posted.

We had a FERRUGINOUS HAWK, after getting off Hwy 80 and crossing over the freeway on Cherry Glen Rd.  The bird swooped down into the field and flew off with a fat gopher.

We then headed over to Creed Rd to Goose Haven Rd to Flannery, and then to Robinson.  On Goose Haven, had a flock of 200+ LONG-BILLED CURLEWS (field adjacent to the GH Energy Center.)  On the east side of Robinson & Flannery there were 2 BURROWING OWLS- look for an obvious burrow in the field (in line with the white-roofed barn with euc. trees at the other edge of the field)  While watching them, a PRAIRIE FALCON flew over.  We met another birder who reported MOUNTAIN PLOVERS, but he had one quick view and then lost them.  Other highlights- on Robinson Rd (where the Breadfruit trees are, by the gas pipeline sign) was a flock of over 60 LARK SPARROWS.  We saw one more FERRUGINOUS HAWK on Robinson shortly before hwy 113.  And 25 LOGGERHEAD SHRIKES on the entire route

Last stop Chadbourne Rd to check out SUSISUN WILDLIFE PRESERVE.  When we first were there on Dec. 9, all the pools were filled with water with great edges for shorebirds.  Other than the one on the far side of Jacksnipe (which has a little water), the others have all dried up except for a puddle or 2. Many LEAST SANDPIPERS, some KILLDEER, BLACK-BELLIED PLOVERS (did not see the Pacific Golden Plover) & GREATER YELLOWLEGS.  Very disappointing!

Finally picked up a WHITE-TAILED KITE when almost home in Napa.

Great day of birding,
Denise & David Hamilton


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