New Birding spot, Cordelia, Solano Co.

Denise and David Hamilton

We just got back from Cordelia to check out the area for our CBC on Dec.15 and found something rather exciting!!  Out on Chadbourne Rd.,  less than 1/4 mi. from where the pavement ends is the new "SUISUN WILDLIFE PRESERVE"   It is apparently litigation land.  We’ve seen signs posted for the past few years, but was just a wet spot when it rained.  But now there are flood gates and the area had  mudflats on the edges of 2 ponds and is now full of water with hundreds of Bonaparte’s Gulls, 1,000’s of shorebirds (did not see anything unusual) , a spattering of ducks, 3 White Pelicans and a Tundra Swan.  A scope is a must for the backside, but things are quite close to the edge of the road.  Lots of Tree Swallows, American Pipits, & sparrows.  Short on raptors, but was quite overcast and foggy.
Other wet fields just beyond the water treatment plant had a lot of Black-bellied Plovers, Killdeer and Canada Geese.
We have no idea how long the mud edges will last if the rain is the wettest out on Chadbourne Rd. then we’ve seen the past few years.
Good birding,
Denise & David Hamilton

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