Re: [CVBirds] Ruby-crowned Kinglet Behavior

Denise and David Hamilton

Sorry, I'm not in 'your' area, but I have noticed it too. At Timberhill Park here in Napa, on Oct. 23 had a male flaring his ruby crown and burst out into full song. Was up there again today and saw the same bird ??? - ruby crown and full song. I have wondered about the same thing since I mentioned it in my Ebird report. I do not remember them singing this time of year.

Denise Hamilton
Napa, CA

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Hi Birders-

Thought Id throw this out to see if others have noticed. This fall Ive seen several instances of ruby-crowned kinglets singing and/ or flaring out their ruby crown, which I dont normally notice this time of year. Just now there were two having a scuffle in my yard with plenty of flaring and vocalizations (not calls). First, are there others noticing the same thing? Second, is this unusual for this bird as it seems to be? An obvious, not necessarily correct, conclusion is that the unseasonably warm temperatures are causing this. Id welcome any ideas.

Craig Swolgaard
Georgetown, CA




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