Blue-winged Teal at Bridgeway Island Pond, West Sacramento

Dan Airola

Since some folks seem interested in numbers of Blue-winged Teal, I counted 56 (including 32 ad males) here today.  They nearly outnumbered Cinnamon Teal.  This is a good place to compare plumages of Cinnamon and Blue-winged Teal females, which appear to be easier to distinguish (at least when side-by-side) than pictures in the field guides suggest. What I presume to be Blue-winged Teal females (by association with males) consistently have a lighter background on their breasts (more gray than reddish) and larger spots on breast feathers. 

Pond access is off of Pender Island St, west of Southport Parkway.  There is no parking permitted along Southport Pkwy
Dan Airola

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