Burrowing Owls by Yolo Landfill

Denise and David Hamilton

Hi all,

Checked out the Davis Wetlands and Yolo Bypass (just one nice mud area on the backside of the route) today- did not see anything unusual- just a good mix of shorebirds and a lot of Wilson's Phalaropes.

On Road 105 toward the water treatment plant there continues to be ibis, hundreds of cattle egrets, long-billed curlews and a few Swainson's hawk in the fields on west side of the road.

We drove past the Dump's main gate and stopped by the little run-down white buildings along the road (there is a driveway there to pull off.) Saw 3 Burrowing Owls about 200' or less straight back. There is an obivious small hill (with gray rock?) and they were sitting on top preening.

Good birding,
Denise & David Hamilton

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