Black-and-white warbler

Matt Forster

I went out again to the Big Chico Creek Washout off of River Rd. (Butte Co.) and low and behold the Black-and-white warbler persists, and in the same exact Cottonwood no less. The birds absence in the days post his first sighting (July 18th) had me thinking that he had moved on, but I couldn't believe my eyes when I spotted him again. His call was very low and hard to decipher because of the activity of other birds present in the immediate area, but within a couple of minutes I could pick it out and then he appeared. I was able to view the bird for 15-20 minutes before I lost him while trying to text a friend of whom had dipped on a previous occasion.
The time of the sighting today was roughly 11:00AM which was not to far off from the 10:15AM sighting 11 days ago.

Good Luck!!!

Matthew Forster
Chico, CA

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