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Rusty Blackbird is exceedingly rare in the Central valley. I would like to
hear reports of this bird if it is relocated, please. As for the loons at
Folsom Lake I was out there yesterday and had two Pacific Loons together and
one by its self. I haven't seen any of the other species of loons to date
but they do tend to move around the lake allot. I think that the three
species of Scoters in one location was very impressive for the central

Todd Easterla

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Date: Wednesday, November 07, 2001 10:31 AM
Subject: [CVBirds] Cosumnes Rusty Blackbird

A few tidbits from Cosumnes. Yesterday, 6 November around 4:00pm, I found
a male, Fall plumage Rusty Blackbird feeding with numerous other blackbirds
on waste grain. The bird was located near the pole barn, near main gate at
corner of Bruceville and Desmond Road. This area is closed to general
public, but some who bird the area regularly (eg. myself or John Trochet)
might be able to meet with those intrepid souls who will attempt to
relocate the bird.

Today in Tall Forest, at the pump station was a calling Western Tanager.

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