Los Banos Ruff & Vermilion

Gary Woods

The Vermilion Flycatcher was in the front yard of the duck club at Wilson and Santa Fe Grade north of Los Banos this morning at 11:30 but it took two visits an hour apart to locate it. While I was taking a break I found a Ruff on the west side of Santa Fe Grade 0.7 miles north of Wilson in a small puddle with some dowitchers and stilts. The Vermilion did spend some time across the street in the marsh and I saw it there while two ladies from Davis found a Vermilion 1/8 mile south of there barely 2 minutes later in a previously-reported location across from a reservoir which made me wonder if there could be two in the area. We didn't see two simultaneously but it's a possibility. I put photos of the Ruff and Vermilion in the flycatcher and shorebirds photo files. How nice to see a well-organized photo file section. Not like the one closer to home.
Gary Woods-FRESNO

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