Immature Northern Shrike at our feeders

Bob & Carol

Hello all,

For about two weeks now we have been blessed (some may say cursed) with
an immature Northern Shrikeharassing our hummer feeders and goldfinch
feeders. It hides in the bushes and flies out to try to grab
something. It even sometimes sits on top of the feeder hooks under the
roof overhang of the house waiting for a catch. We haven't seen a catch
yet but we have seen presumably goldfinch feathers floating down to the
deck from above the roof. A couple photos of the shrike are in the
Shasta Birders Yahoo Group photos under Bob's Photos 2013.

We have no grasslands or open country habitat at our 1200 foot elevation
manzanita brushland, oak woodland and Knobcone Pine hillside.

Also, while watching hummer feeders Carol saw our regular Merlin fly in,
catch a hummer and then fly off with it. Hardly a snack for a Merlin,
you would think.

We also have a couple Evening Grosbeaks females types at our feeders
gobbling sunflower seed.

Birding at home can sometimes be quite rewarding and fun!

Bob & Carol Yutzy
Shasta, CA

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