Short-eared Owl dramatic fight to keep prey


Monday early evening Joe Clemens and I went out to locate the Short-eared Owls previously seen along CR 35 just north of Grasslands Park in Yolo County south of Davis. We hung out for a while watching a couple of SEOW along with a White-tail Kite pair and several Northern Harriers. The drama unfolded when one of the owls capture a vole. Immediately a harrier was on line to get it away. I was lucky enough to be using the camera and just kept taking photos. Finally the owl exhausted the harrier and then started to go higher in the sky. Suddenly an opportunistic Rough-legged Hawk entered the photos but didn't last too long. The Short-eared Owl stayed in the air and watched until it had no more trouble and then quickly settled down; the next we saw it was ready to sit and digest its prey.
I put photos in the Owl album here and also on Google+

Sami LaRocca
Woodland, CA

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