Folsom Lake


I was at the Granite Bay Boat Launch at Folsom Lake today. When I first got there I felt like Rachel Carson and the Silent Spring. No birds. But eventually I spotted a flotilla of Horned Grebes quite far out along with a few Western Grebes. As I was sitting at the waters edge I caught some movement in the corner of my eye. About 2 feet from me was a House Wren. It startled me it was so close. The shore of Folsom Lake is barren with rocks along the shore, that seem like the badlands. The wren hopped about happily getting bugs on these rocks. It didn't seem to mind my presence and even seemed curious, coming right up to me as I sat still. Photographed it for quite awhile and then another one appeared. The pair hunted for insects for the next hour or so on these rocks and I got some great photos. They were pretty fearless. Seemed so un-wren like to me! One of those great bird encounters that makes your day.

A while later as I was walking along the shore I saw a gull swoop down on another large bird. It turned out to be an Osprey with a large fish. Was surprised to see it this time of year. Don't our Ospreys migrate to Central America? Did it not leave or is it back early? Just wondering.

Also saw 1 Titmouse, 1 Nuttall's Woodpecker, 1 Flicker and that was it!

Sarah Mayhew
Davis, CA

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