Cordelia Harris Sparrow, yes; Winter Wren, No

Denise and David Hamilton

Hi all,

Yesterday morning, 1/7, around 9:00 am, we saw the beautiful Harris Sparrow first reported on Dec. 17, at the corner of Business Center Drive and Green Valley Rd. in Cordelia. (We parked in the business lot across the street) The bird was found on the weedy/berry-covered section right on the sidewalk. There were also Golden & White-crowns, 1 Song, 1 Fox, and 1 Lincoln's Sparrow (missed White-throated) Harris was quite the bully, chasing the other sparrows a lot. Came up almost right next to us, for some great pictures. (will post later.) We forgot to bring some bird seed along :), but can see what others have left.

Then we headed out to the Davis Wetlands- Masses of N. Shovelers with a small mix of other duck species were on the outer ponds; ALL three teal (at least 3 male, Blue-winged) on the big pond on the inside where usually seen; plus a small smattering of other species. Had two Great Horned Owls out in the open. We tried to look at the gulls out on the dikes- definitely could make out some Thayer's gulls among all the Herring. We tried for the Glaucous Gull at the Yolo Landfill ponds, but most of the gulls (we'd say 1000s of them!!) were up in a giant tornado over the fields and above the trash being brought in. We really give those of you a LOT of credit, who spend time trying to find a rare gull. Too overwhelming for us!!

We drove down CR 104 (right next to the Landfill main gate) to head over to CR 27 where Sandhill cranes were previously reported. Not far past the landfill grounds, there is a recently turned over field that was full of Killdeer, Dunlin, Horned Larks and meadowlarks. Across the road from the field is a flooded area that was full of Tundra Swans and Greater White-fronted Geese. A Rough-legged Hawk was on one of the power poles. We turned onto CR 27, but found nothing. But we noticed Snow Geese close by, so when we got up to CR 103, we turned right. At the first house, we could hear a Yellow-billed Magpie or 2, but never could see them. Past the house was more flooded fields, with BN Stilts, Dunlin, Dowitchers, and 4 Long-billed Curlews. Behind them were the Snow and more GWF Geese. Had a Prairie Falcon on a pole right near by.

It was around 2 pm when we arrived at the "Eastern" Winter Wren spot along Putah Creek west of Winters, as previously reported. We spent about an hour, along with Jim Lomax looking for/ and listening for the bird, but no luck. A female Phainopepla & singing Rufous-crowned Sparrows, and beautiful C. & Barrow's Goldeneyes made it a good stop!

Great birding in 2013!
Denise and David Hamilton

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