Re: [CVBirds] Sacramento NWR, 11/12/12, Cattle Egrets

Doug Herr <wildlightphoto@...>

Denise and David Hamilton wrote:

We made a quick stop at Sacramento NWR on our way home from our vacation in OR & WA (snow and cold!!). ... we had over 34 CATTLE EGRETS, by and around the viewing platform. We have seen them off the refuge, but never on the refuge and never in that large of numbers.

The pond northwest of the viewing platform was being filled, driving mice and insects to higher ground & the Cattle Egrets LOVED it! I've never seen that many at Sac NWR before, either. They were all over the road, in the brush next to the road, nearly oblivious to vehicles:

the geese where fabulous too:

and while watching the geese an immature Red-tailed Hawk landed near my car:

all in all a spectacular day to be there.

Doug Herr
Orangevale, Sacramento County

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