Recent Yolo Co. birds of local interest

Brent Campos

Birds of local interest in the last couple weeks in Woodland and along the Blue Ridge Trail from Hwy 16:

In Woodland last week, I heard a Western Tanager calling in the neighborhood just north of Everman Park. This is likely the same bird I saw the week prior in the valley oaks in our yard which borders Everman Park. I've been seeing a Slate-colored Junco for the last couple months in our backyard, too. The junco flock it associates with is often feeding on the edges of Everman Park. And, birds of note from a quick hike up Blue Ridge from the Rayhouse Road/Hwy 16 intersection on January 15 include two California Thrashers, one Sage Sparrow, and three Bald Eagles. The Sage Sparrow was foraging in the trail right along the ridge itself.

Good birding,
Brent Campos

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