1/2 Mountain Plovers & Mt. Bluebirds

Denise and David Hamilton

Hi All,

After fine viewing of the Falcated Duck at Colusa NWR, we went in search of the Mountain Plovers as previously reported on Progress Road. (Progress Road -plowed field 0.9 miles north of Oswald Road, on the east side of the road) Yes, they were still there and easy to see.

Next to look for the Mt. Bluebirds as previously reported on Pass Rd. (To locate go north from Hwy 20 at Sutter on Acacia Ave. north, this turns west and becomes Pass Road. After passing the intersection with Kellogg Road go 1.8 miles. On the south side of the road there are many boulders. The Mountain Bluebirds were flying around this area perching on either the fences post along the road or the rocks.) Yes, they are still there, with MANY American Pipits.

The Trumpeter Swans were next on the list, and yes, still there as reported, but found 2 out on Midway Rd, ( thank you, to Cathryn Lawrence and others for showing them to us...saved a lot of time scoping the large flock of Tundra Swans!) and 2 out on Esquon. While driving on Midway to make our way over to Sacramento NWR, we discovered 5 Cattle Egrets on Midway, just south of the town of Richvale in a field on the east side of the road (just beyond a large stand of eucalyptus trees.)

Made it to Sacramento NWR just as the sun was setting- the fly-in (and over) the refuge of geese and HUNDREDS of White-faced Ibis was amazing!

Thank you John Harris, Francis Oliver & Sami LaRocca for posting such GOOD, CONSISE directions to find these birds!

Denise & David Hamilton

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