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Todd Easterla

Progress! Very sad it was a great place for prairie species. I remember a
very windy day there years ago with Fritz Steurer and Mike Bumgardner and
we happened to find three longspur species in a 30 MPH windstorm!

Todd Easterla

Rancho Cordova

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FYI, "longspur corner" at Rds 16 and 90B in the Dunnigan Hills northwest of
Woodland is completely under the plow and tilled-- about a square mile
completely encapsulating the corner. It looks destined to be an olive
orchard or vineyard is my guess. It's already an excellent place to find

In past years, this area had rolling hills with pasture imitating shortgrass
prairies, and was a winter home to
three species of longspurs, raptors of all kinds, Mountain Plover, Mountain
Bluebird, and Grasshopper Sparrow.

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