continuing Black-throated Sparrow, Esparto

Denise and David Hamilton

Hi all,

Finally had the chance to go look for the Black-throated Sparrow as previously reported on County Rd. 22. Arrived around 10:15 am and spent over an hour looking for the sparrow- in the meantime, seeing numerous N. Flickers, 2 Red-breasted Sapsuckers, Lark Sparrows, and others. Just as we were about to leave, the sparrow flew across the road right in front of our car, landed in an oak, and then flew back across the road into the fenced-in orchard where we got great looks. (When we got home found out that it is a CA first for us!)

We did not see the White-throated sparrows at the Capay Cemetery, but still a nice mix of birds.

Headed over to Lake Solano to eat lunch (at the wide turnoff across from the lake.) Most interesting bird seen was a young Barn Swallow flying low over the lake and perching. Drove up along Putah Creek- quite a few Buffleheads, but only one Common Goldeneye seen below Monticello Dam (where 4 male Hooded Mergansers were trying to woo a female- didn't work.)

Good birding,
Denise & David Hamilton

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