Clay-colored Sparrow, Putah Creek, Oct. 1

Brent Campos

Andy Engilis just called me to report a Clay-colored Sparrow in the Putah Creek Riparian Reserve in the same general location that the Tennessee Warbler was found this morning. The bird was found at about 2:30 PM. To reach this location, take Hutchinson Drive west from Hwy 113 for about 1.3 miles to Hopkins Road. Turn south on Hopkins Rd. Park where Hopkins Road dead-ends into Levee Rd and walk the Levee Rd westward past the gate. The bird was seen in association with Chipping Sparrows in close proximity to a nest box labeled E03 on the north side of the road. Andy had no success in re-finding the Tennessee Warbler.

Good luck!
Brent Campos, reporting for Andy Engilis

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