Zone-tailed hawk NOT FOUND Tuesday

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I arrived at Babel Slough and S. River Rd at 10:30 AM Tuesday and stayed until 3:30 PM with no luck on the hawk. It was seriously foggy until 12 Noon and as it cleared a half dozen Turkey Vultures took to the air at the intersection - with a few Red-tails as well. I had good looks at all the vultures and none were the Zone-tailed. Walked back and forth along S. River road a number of times and still came up empty.

From then on all the soaring seemed to take place along the southern tree line - Pumphouse Road - but none seemed to be the one everyone was looking for. John Sterling, Steve Hampton, Gil Ewing, Todd Esterla and a few others spent some time on site looking as well.

I made a pass along Pump House road to take advantage of the sun angle - but found only numerous Harriers, Red-tails, White-tailed Kites and a few others - but alas no Zone-tailed.

Bill Zachman
Groveland, CA
Tuolumne County

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