Long-eared owl No, Hammond's Fly Yes

Denise and David Hamilton

Hi all,

Following the great directions from the previous posts, went in search of the Long-eared Owl today at Grasslands Park. We went AM and again in the afternoon. After MUCH searching (Owl neck is as bad as warbler neck!) we did not see the LE Owl, but there were 2 roosting Barn Owls in the tree. In the parking lot was a flock of over 12 Lark Sparrows. In the afternoon found an Orange-crowned Warbler working in the shrubs along the fenced in area right by the parking lot. Also saw a beautiful intergrade N. Flicker- face color like Yellow-shafted, included the red patch on the crown, but the malar stripes were a mix of red and black. When the bird flew, the shafts were a bit on the orangey side.

Got to the Hammond's Flycatcher site around 12:45 pm. The wind was blowing a bit strong, so the row of redwoods made an excellent wind block, and the flycatcher was found in the ditch across from the redwoods. Lots of preening and then finally fly-catching. Met Roger A. out there with his great long lense- will need to compare his pics with our much smaller lense!

Made a quick drive around the Davis wetlands- hardly a thing! Plenty of gulls on the dike of the sewage ponds, but did not want to scope them in the strong wind right in the face.

Best birding,
Denise and David Hamilton

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